The Top 5 Elvis Dance Songs

We asked fans to name the Elvis songs that really make them want to dance. I wasn’t surprised that fast songs dominated (Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, after all). But I was a little surprised that so many songs featured in Elvis movies made it to the top of the list.

So here are the Elvis songs that really get people dancing…

5. Burning Love

Elvis Presley’s version of “Burning Love” was released on August 1, 1972 and ended up rising to #2 on the Billboard charts.

This rocking tune was a mainstay of his shows in the 1970s. The final years of Elvis’s recording career featured a lot of ballads, but “Burning Love” was a definite throwback to his rock and roll roots.

See Elvis sing “Burning Love” on stage during his Aloha from Hawaii concert

4. Rock-A-Hula Baby

“Blue Hawaii” was the most popular of Elvis’s films, and “Rock-A-Hula Baby” was one of the most memorable songs from that movie. It’s been getting people dancing ever since.

Watch Elvis sing “Rock-A-Hula Baby” in this rockin’ scene from Blue Hawaii

3. Bossa Nova Baby

Another song from an Elvis movie (this time from Fun in Acapulco), “Bossa Nova Baby” is a tune that makes it hard to resist getting up on your feet and having a good time.

Have a look at Elvis’s “Bossa Nova Baby” scene from Fun in Acapulco

2. Viva Las Vegas

The title song from the film, “Viva Las Vegas” is non-stop energy. The energetic and relentlessly upbeat tune has become an unofficial anthem of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Catch Elvis Presley dancing to “Viva Las Vegas”

1. Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock was voted as the most popular Elvis dance song! One of Elvis Presley’s earliest hits, Jailhouse Rock was recorded in 1957 and spent seven weeks at #1 on the charts. The movie’s choreographed dance routine with Elvis and his fellow jail mates is nearly as iconic as the song.

Take a look (once again) at Elvis’s famous movie performance of Jailhouse Rock

Rounding out the top 10 most popular Elvis dance songs are:
6. Don’t Be Cruel
7. Hound Dog
8. Can’t Help Falling in Love
9. Love Me Tender
10 Blue Suede Shoes


Elvis Sings “Happy Birthday to You” on Stage

Listen to this audio of Elvis Presley on stage briefly singing “Happy Birthday” during a concert performance:

We don’t know who the person in the audience was that Elvis sang to, but it was certainly a happy birthday for that person to get sung to by Elvis Presley himself!

And if you’re celebrating a birthday today, Happy Birthday to You!

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“Mama Liked The Roses” – Elvis Presley Recording

Listen as Elvis Presley sings the touching tune “Mama Liked the Roses”, a song of remembrance for a beloved mother:

“Oh, mama liked the roses she grew them in the yard
But Winter always came around and made the growing way too hard
Oh, mama liked the roses and when she had the time
She’d decorate the living room, for all us kids to see”

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Rare Elvis 1972 Back Stage Footage

Check out this rare video of Elvis Presley goofing off with some of his friends backstage at a 1972 concert:

Elvis did appreciate his entourage, or “Memphis Mafia” as they were often called. In the years that followed Presley’s death, however, many fans have called into question the influence this group of hangers-on had on Elvis.

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“Is it So Strange” – Elvis Presley 1957 Recording

Have a listen to Elvis Presley’s 1957 recording of “Is It So Strange”

“Oh, if you tell a lie
You know that I’ll forgive you
Though you say our love is just a game
And when you hear my name
You’ll say I’m from a strange world
But is it so strange to be in love with you”

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“Until It’s Time For You To Go” Elvis Presley 1972 Live Performance

Watch this video of Elvis’s lovely performance of “Until It’s Time For You To Go” from his 1972 concert in Greensboro, North Carolina

“You’re not a dream, you’re not an angel, you’re a woman
I’m not a king, just a man, take my hand
We’ll make a space in this lives that we planned
And here we’ll stay until it’s time for you to go”

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“I Got a Woman” Elvis Presley 1972 Live Performance

From 1972, here is Elvis onstage singing “I Got a Woman”

“Well, I’ve got a woman
Way cross town
She’s good to me oh, yeah
Say. I’ve got a woman
Way cross town
She’s good to me oh, yeah”

This video comes from the movie Elvis On Tour, available on DVD from Amazon and Ebay.

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Elvis Presley’s Army Induction in 1958

Watch as Elvis Presley was inducted into the US Army on March 24, 1958

Elvis was inducted into the U.S. Army as a private at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas. He did his basic training at Fort Hood, Texas. Later Elvis Presley joined the 3rd Armored Division and was stationed in Friedberg, Germany. Elvis was honorably discharged from the Army on March 5, 1960.

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