The 5 Elvis Movies Most Beloved by Fans

We recently asked Elvis fans on our Facebook page which was their favorite Elvis Movie of all time. Lots of people insisted they loved them all and could not pick just one, but these were the top vote getters:

1. Blue Hawaii


By a landslide, Blue Hawaii is the movie most loved by Elvis Presley fans. It received more the 3 times the number of votes of any other film. In Blue Hawaii, Presley plays Chadwick Gates, a vet who has just been released from the army and wants to get back to enjoying the fun-loving lifestyle his home state of Hawaii has to offer. But this doesn’t sit well with his parents, who want their son to take charge of the family fruit business.

2. Jailhouse Rock


This black-and-white movie from 1957 was picked as the second-favorite Elvis movie. In this movie role, Presley plays the part of a convict who becomes a singing sensation.

3. Viva Las Vegas


In 1964’s Viva Las Vegas, Elvis plays a race car driver who needs to raise some cash fast. Also starring in this film is Ann-Margret, one of Presley’s most memorable leading ladies. Little did Elvis, or anyone else, know at the time how important the city of Las Vegas would be to the latter years of his storied career.

4. King Creole


Set in the French Quarter in New Orleans, King Creole tells the story of struggling youth Danny Fisher. Elvis Presley said that of all his movie roles, the one in King Creole was his personal favorite.

5. G.I. Blues


In his first film after being discharged from the Army, Elvis plays a soldier who is also a professional singer. What a great way for the movie-going public to welcome Elvis home after his time in the service.

Rounding out the list of most beloved Elvis movie were:

6. Kissing Cousins
7. Flaming Star
8. Love Me Tender
9. Girl Happy
10. Clambake
11. Follow That Dream
12. Loving You
13. Change of Habit
14. Tickle Me
15. Spinout
16. Kid Galahad
17. Roustabout
18 Charro!
19. Wild in the Country
20. Fun in Acapulco

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So what is your favorite Elvis movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below…